Using Guide for Huawei B715s-23C

As the previous article, we give you a quick view of the appearance of the Huawei B715s-23c, now at this article we will show you how to do some simple installations for your router. As the B715 shown at our site are all original from Huawei, there are no limitations for the functions.

Huawei B715 Connect to PC & telephone
Huawei B715 Install Antenna
B715 Internet access via Ethernet port
Huawei B715 Huawei HiLink App
Huawei Restore to Factory Settings

1. Connections to PC, telephone
With a router, you can connect your computer or landline phone to the Huawei B715s to use the Internet, make phone calls etc.

2. Installing external antennas
If you get weak signal strength then you cannot have a fast connection speed. Then installing an external antenna would improve signal reception significantly. Here are some 4G LTE antennae for you choosing, including outdoor LTE and indoor antenna.

Note: Before connecting external antennas, please turn off the router and disconnect it from the power supply. The B715s only accepts SMA connector antenna, there are two connectors, it would be better for inserting a dual connector antenna.
3. Internet access via Ethernet port
The B715 router can be connected using the appropriate cable to a stationary Ethernet port. This allows you to maintain access to Internet connection also after the limit of data transmission in the network.

Note: Before connecting B715 Huawei router to the Internet using the Ethernet port you must configure the appropriate settings via the management page of the router.
4. Download the Huawei HiLink App
Like most of other Huawei wireless routers, this B715 supports APP setting via Huawei HiLink. Scan the QR code to download the Huawei HiLink App. Then you configure the router using your phone via APP.

5. Restore to Factory Settings
If you forget some configuration parameters, you can restore the LTE CPE to its factory settings and then configure the LTE CPE again. Use a sharply pointed object to press and hold the RESET button until the Power indicator turns off. The LTE CPE is then restored to its factory settings.
Note: After you finish the factory settings, all configurations on the web management page will be restored to the factory settings. You have to configure again.

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