How to Set up Huawei B890 4G Router

If you are searching for a guide to set up your Huawei B890 4G LTE smart hub, please follow the following simple steps to setup it. In order to ensure to receive a strong signal, please view the 2 tips for you at first.
Tip 1: Place the 4G LTE Smart Hub at an indoor open area or close to a window if possible. Obstructions such as concrete or wooden walls may affect the transmission of wireless signals.
Tip 2: Keep the 4G LTE CPE router away from the household electrical appliances that produce strong electric or magnetic fields, such as microwaves, refrigerators, or satellite dish antennas.

1Insert SIM card to Huawei B890

1. Open and rotate the protective cover on top of your B890 4G LTE Smart Hub, to expose the SIM card slot.
2. Insert the SIM card into the card slot (until you hear a click). Ensure that the beveled edge of the SIM card aligns with that of the card slot.
3. Rotate and close the protective cover.

Please note that: If your SIM card was not activated & inserted into your 4G LTE Smart Hub at your point of purchase, you could contact your internet provider to activate it.

2Connect power cable

Then connect the power adapter to the power port and plug into the wall socket.

3The Smart Hub will power on automatically.

After step 2, your B890 LTE hub will power on automatically. Then you could surf on the 4G mobile network freely.

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