Netgear Nighthawk M1 Data Offloading

Data Offloading reduces the amount of data being carried on the cellular bands, freeing bandwidth for other users. It is also used in situations where local cell reception may be poor, allowing the user to connect via wired services with better connectivity. The data offloading of Netgear Nighthawk M1 lets you transfer the Internet connection from mobile broadband to another WiFi or Ethernet connection. You might want to use this feature if you are in an area in which many others are using cellular connections at the same time or in areas with poor cellular reception.

Ethernet offloading Mode
You can use the micro USB port for AC charging and you can use the USB type A port to jump boost a device or to connect a USB device.

Wi-Fi offloading Mode
If you want to use a tethered connection and offload, use WiFi offloading. You cannot use an Ethernet connection and a tethered connection at the same time.

Then how to turn on/off data offloading, here are two way for you:
Turn On Data Offloading From the NETGEAR Mobile App

1. Launch the NETGEAR Mobile app on your smartphone.
2. Swipe down. And the dashboard displays.
3. Tap Offloading button.
4. Select WiFi.
The Offloading page displays a list of WiFi networks in your area.
5. To connect to a network on the list, do the following:
– a.Tap a WiFi network.
– b. When prompted, enter the password for the WiFi network and tap CONNECT.
6. To join another WiFi network that is not in the list, do the following:
– a.Tap Join Network.
– b. When prompted, type the network name and the password.
– c. Tap CONNECT.
7. To offload to a preferred network, do the following:
a.Tap Preferred Networks.
b. Select the network and enter the password.
When the hotspot is offloading the Internet connection, the WiFi icon is bright blue and displays the signal strength. The screen displays the SSID of the active WiFi network.

Turn On/off Data Offloading From a Web Browser
1. Launch a web browser and enter http://m.home or
2. Enter the administrator login password.
3. Select Setting > Setup > Data Offloading.
4. Select the Enable check box.
5. Select the WiFi or Ethernet radio button.
6. To use WiFi offloading, enter the WiFi network name and WiFi password.
7. Click the Apply button.

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