Netgear Nighthawk M1 APN Settings

The Access Point Name (APN) is the name for the settings your mobile devices read to set up a connection to the gateway between your carrier’s cellular network and the Internet. It needs to be correctly set up on your phone, tablet or mobile broadband devices to access the internet on specific carrier’s network.
If you want to use the Netgear Nighthawk M1 mobile router to different carriers, you have to change the APN settings on your M1 correctly at first.

There are two ways for you to add or modify the APN settings for the M1. Check it and do the settings at your side before accessing the mobile Internet.

APN Settings via NETGEAR Mobile App
1. Connect to the M1 mobile router’s WiFi network with a mobile device.
2. Launch the NETGEAR Mobile app.
3. Swipe down.
4. Tap Settings > Cellular > APN.
5. Tap +, and the Add a new APN page displays.
6. Tap Add after completing the settings. Then the new APN is added.

APN Settings via a Web Browser
1. Launch a web browser and enter https://m.home or
2. Enter the administrator login password. The WebGUI displays.
3. Select Settings > Advanced Settings > Cellular.
4. Change the settings as needed.

5. Click the ADD button and complete the fields. Then click the ADD button.

6. The Cellular page displays the APN. If you want to make this APN active, click the Edit icon for this APN.
The Edit APN page displays.
a. Select the Active check box.

b. Click the SAVE button.

This APN is now the active APN. The Cellular Settings page displays a green check mark next to the active APN.
7. Click the Apply button.
Your settings are saved.

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