Netgear M1 Enable DMZ Settings

The DMZ feature is helpful when using some online games and video conferencing applications that are incompatible with NAT. In a demilitarized zone (DMZ) network configuration, a computer runs outside the firewall in the DMZ. This computer intercepts incoming Internet traffic, providing an extra layer of protection for the rest of the network, and sending all incoming data to a particular IP address.

If you want to ebable the DMZ feature of your mobile hotspot Netgear Nighthawk M1 please follow the steps to enable the DMZ and designate a computer to screen incoming traffic.

1. From a computer that is connected to your Nighthawk M1’s network, launch a web browser.
2. Enter http://m.home or
A login page displays.
3. Enter the administrator login password.
4. Select SETTINGS > Advanced > Other. The Other page displays.
5. Select the Enable check box.
6. In the DMZ Address field, enter the IP address of the computer to which you want all data sent.
If the mobile router is tethered using a USB cable, this address is If the mobile router is connected using WiFi, the first WiFi client’s IP address is usually
7. Click the Apply button.
Your settings are saved.

DMZ servers pose a security risk. A computer designated as the default DMZ server loses much of the protection of the firewall and is exposed to exploits from the Internet. If compromised, the DMZ server computer can be used to attack other computers on your network. Only use this DMZ feature of your Netgear MR1100 if required.

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