Netgear Aircard AC810S Review

Netgear AC810S router having a built-in modem with support for LTE classes 9 and 11. The device supports aggregation of up to three frequencies 2600MHz, 1800MHz and 700MHz. You’ll notice a significant increase in speed and quality of the network. The router has a very friendly interface and easy to read and convenient touch screen 2.4″. Freely you read connection parameters, data usage, change your network settings, and in addition receive and send SMS messages.

Wi-Fi speed up to 600 Mbps
Mobile router AC810S delights functionality. It lets you download speeds of up to 450Mbps or 600 Mbps. Network sharing is done using WiFi standard ac at frequencies of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Importantly, it can use it at the same time up to 15 users, so all of your parcel will connect to the Internet.

Power Bank function
Netgear AC810S also has a built-in removable battery capacity of 2930mAh, it can keep the WiFi network pumping out for up to eleven hours on a single charge. Fast and stable network connectivity is not the end of the advantages of Netgear AC810S. Also works well as a power-bank, allowing you to charge your smartphone or other device with a USB port.

3 Operation Ways (touch screen / mobile application / web)
The AC810s hotspot’s touch screen displays a lot of information, such as data usage details, Wi-Fi details, network status and more. You also can do the setting by touching the screen.

Operate via mobile application. Download NETGEAR AirCard App for Smartphones and Tablets and use the complimentary NETGEAR AirCard app to view your connection, settings, and data usage from your smartphone or tablet.

A web based interface is also provided, offering a little bit of animation for connectivity and a decent system for seeing roughly how much data you’ve downloaded, what your WiFi settings are (and changing them), and how many devices of that supported 15 are connected, handling them if need be. Just logon the WEBGUI via http://m.home or The default password is admin. After you log in, you can access all of the features available on the touch screen plus advanced features.

After launching at Australia, most users buy this AC810S. Some user test it could achieve downloads speed up to 362Mbps. Technically, the maximal download speed could up to 600Mbps by combining three spectrums – 2600MHz, 1800MHz and 700MHz.


If you do need plenty of speed and need it on the go, it is hard to look the unlocked Netgear AC810S mobile Wi-Fi. It is really do a good job in the performance

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