LTE Band 5 FDD 850Mhz Compatible Modem Routers

The LTE Band 5 FDD 850MHz frequency isn’t a mainstream band for LTE deployment globally, but has been used mainly in deployments in Asian markets such as Korea and Philippines and America areas.

LTE Band 5 overview

LTE band 5 is at frequency bands 824-849 MHz and 869-894 MHz, which is FDD 850Mhz and bandwidth at 25MHz. It’s the reframing of GSM 850MHz and most commonly deployed in North America and Latin America areas.

For the lower frequency, 850MHz is able to better penetrate through obstacles – such as buildings. This improved signal strength means data can be transmitted to a compatible device faster than when there is poor signal strength.

LTE Band 5 FDD 850MhzOperators

United States: Sprint, U.S. Cellular,

Cambodia: SEATEL

Indonesia: Smartfren / Esia

Malaysia: Telekom Malaysia

Philippines: Smart

South Korea: LG U+, SK Telecom

Australia: Vodafone

LTE Band 5 FDD 850Mhz Compatible Modem

Huawei E3272s-506: FDD 850/1700/1900/2100/2600MHz

Huawei E3276s-500: FDD 1900/AWS(1700/2100)/850/2600MHz

Huawei E3276s-505: FDD 2100/1900/AWS(1700/2100)/850/700MHz

LTE Band 5 Compatible Mobile Wi-Fi

Huawei E5786s-32a: FDD 2600/2100/1800/900/850/800,TDD 2600Mhz

Huawei E5770s-320: FDD 2100/1800/850/2600/900/800Mhz, TDD 2600MHz

Huawei E5878s-32: FDD 2600/2100/1800/900/800/850 MHz

ZTE MF923: band 2/4/5/17, FDD 1900/AWS/850/700Mhz

Aircard 781S: FDD 700/850//AWS/1900Mhz

LTE Band 5 FDD 850Mhz Compatible Wingle

Huawei E8278s-603: FDD 850/900/1700/1900/2100 mhz, TDD 2300 mhz

Alcatel W800-O: FDD 700/850/AWS/1900/2100/2600MHz

LTE Band 5 Compatible Router

Huawei B890-66: FDD 700MHz/850/ AWS/1900/2600 MHz

Huawei B882-66: FDD 2600/1900/AWS/850/700Mhz

If you find any LTE band 5 compatible devices, please comment below.

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