LTE Band 2 FDD 1900Mhz Compatible Modem, CPE & Mobile Hotspot

The LTE band 2 is officially called the PCS (Personal Communication Service) band, and is often referred to as FDD 1900MHz. The LTE band 2 is at 1850-1910 and 1930-1990 MHz, which is PCS FDD 1900 MHz.

This frequency band was designated by the United States FCC and Industry Canada to be used for new wireless services to alleviate capacity caps inherent in the original AMPS and D-AMPS cellular networks in the “850 MHz band” (specifically 800-894 MHz). These frequency bands are particular to North America and other frequency bands may be designated in other regions.

LTE Band 2 FDD 1900Mhz overview

The FDD 1900Mhz PCS band is divided into six frequency blocks (A through F). Each block is between 10 MHz and 30 MHz in bandwidth. License (A or B) is granted for Major Trading Areas (MTAs). License (C to F) is granted for Basic Trading Areas (BTAs). License (G), where issued, is granted for Economic Areas (EAs). There are 51 MTAs, 493 BTAs and 175 EAs in the United States.

A: 1850–1865 MHz and 1930–1945 MHz (30 MHz)
B: 1870–1885 MHz and 1950–1965 MHz (30 MHz)
C: 1895–1910 MHz and 1975–1990 MHz (30 MHz, 15 MHz or 10 MHz)
D: 1865–1870 MHz and 1945–1950 MHz (10 MHz)
E: 1885–1890 MHz and 1965–1970 MHz
F: 1890–1895 MHz and 1970–1975 MHz
G: 1910–1915 MHz and 1990–1995 MHz

The main advantage of running a mobile phone system in the FDD 1900Mhz band is that there is more available spectrum there, so the licenses are easier and cheaper to obtain. The introduction of the PCS band also helped relieve some of the congestion that the 800MHz Cellular systems were experiencing.

LTE Band 2 FDD 1900Mhz Operators
Dominican Republic: Tricom
Ecuador: Movistar
Guatemala: Movistar
Mexico: Movistar
Nicaragua: Movistar
Panama: Claro
Uruguay: Movistar
Canada: Bell
Guam: iConnect
United States: AT&T, C Spire, ClearTalk, NewCore, nTelos, T-Mobile, Verizon

If you want to find a LTE band 2 FDD 1900Mhz UE compatible devices, please check the following list. There are many 4G LTE USB modems, 4G LTE CPE for band 2, and band 2 mobile Wi-Fi.

LTE Band 2 FDD 1900Mhz Compatible Modem
Huawei E3272s-506: FDD 850/1700/1900/2100/2600MHz
Huawei E3276s-500: FDD 1900/AWS(1700/2100)/850/2600MHz
Huawei E3276s-505: FDD 2100/1900/AWS(1700/2100)/850/700MHz
LTE Band 2 FDD 1900Mhz Compatible Mobile Wi-Fi
ZTE MF900: FDD: B1/2/3/4/5/7/8; TDD: B41
ZTE MF923: band 2/4/5/17, FDD 1900/AWS/850/700Mhz
ZTE UFi MF970: FDD: B1/2/3/7/8/20/28/12&17, TDD 38
Aircard 781S: FDD band 700/850/1900/AWS MHz
LTE Band 2 FDD 1900Mhz Compatible Wingle
Huawei E8278s-603: FDD 850/900/1700/1900/2100 mhz, TDD 2300 mhz
Huawei E8372h-510: LTE FDD: Band 1(2100 MHz)/Band 2(1900 MHz)/Band 4(AWS)/Band 5(850MHz)/Band 7(2600 MHz)/Band 28(700 MHz)
Huawei E8372h-511: FDD: Band 1(2100 MHz)/Band 2(1900 MHz)/Band 4(AWS)/Band 5(850MHz)/Band 17(700 MHz)
LTE Band 2 FDD 1900Mhz CPE
Huawei B890-66: FDD 700MHz/850/ AWS/1900/2600 MHz
Huawei B882-66: FDD 2600/1900/AWS/850/700Mhz

If you find any other LTE band 2 compatible devices, please comment below.

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