Huawei E8278 Wingle PIN Management Settings

You could enter into 4G mobile internet by inserting SIM card to Huawei E8278 4G LTE Wi-Fi dongle. Its PIN management features provide PIN security settings to prevent unauthorized use of the SIM, USIM, or UIM card. You will know how to turn on or turn of the PIN verification and change the PIN after viewing this article.

1 Turning On or Off PIN Verification

If PIN verification is turned on, you need to enter the PIN only when the Huawei E8278 Mobile WiFi is turned on. If PIN verification is turned off, no PIN is required.
huawei e8278 pin settings

1. If a PIN is required, enter the correct PIN.
2. If you enter your PIN incorrectly three times consecutively, the SIM/USIM/UIM card is locked and you must enter the PIN unlock key (PUK).
3. If you enter the PUK incorrectly ten times consecutively, the SIM/USIM/UIM card is locked permanently. If you cannot enter the correct PIN or PUK, network-associated functions are unavailable.
4. The PIN and the PUK are provided with the SIM/USIM/UIM card. If you did not receive them or have forgotten them, contact the operator.
1. Choose Settings > Security > PIN Management .
2. From PIN operation, select:
Enable: to turn on PIN verification.
Disable: to turn off PIN verification.
3. Enter the correct PIN.
4. Click Apply.

2 Changing the PIN

If PIN verification of the E8278 is turned on, you can change the PIN. Here are the steps:
1. Choose Settings > Security > PIN Management.
2. From PIN operation, select Modify.
3. Enter the current PIN.
4. Enter a new PIN and confirm the PIN.
5. Click Apply.

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