Huawei E8278 – Create, Delete, or Import SMS Text Message

Take a look at the guides to create text message, view text message, import SMS, and delete SMS message when you use Huawei E8278 LTE WiFi modem.

Create Text Message

The Mobile WiFi Huawei E8278 allows you to create and send text messages. Here are the steps:
1. Click SMS.
2. Click New Message.
3. Enter a recipient number.
The Mobile WiFi enables you to send a message to multiple recipients, whose numbers need to be separated by a semicolon (;).
4. Enter the content of the text message.
The Mobile WiFi supports long text messages. When the message you compose exceeds the maximum number of characters allowed for one message, it is split into multiple messages before sending. One long message can be split into up to four messages.
5. Click Send.

Viewing Messages

You can view received, sent, or draft messages. The Inbox stores messages received. And the Drafts stores draft messages and messages that failed to be sent.
1. Click SMS.
2. Click the message to view its content.
NOTE: To reply to or forward a message, click the message, then Reply or Forward./h3>

Deleting Text Messages

1. Click SMS.
2. Find the message you want to view.
3. Mark the messages you want to delete, and click Delete.

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