Huawei E5787 VS Huawei E5786: What’s the difference?

Is it worth upgrading to Huawei’s latest, and greatest, mobile hotspot Huawei E5787? E5787 which name is Huawei Mobile WiFi Touch, it is the second LTE Cat6 mobile pocket router from Huawei. Like E5786, the download speed could up to 300Mbps. The Huawei E5787 looks like a minor upgrade from the Huawei E5786. But, that’s actually far from the truth. In fact, it’s the biggest jump we’ve seen from Huawei portable Wi-Fi device.

E5787 has the same transfer rate, two antenna slots, and 28 nm HPM Coretx A9 processor chipset. But it with a 2.4inch touchscreen and removable battery.

Screen: Touchable, Bigger but Powerful

Huawei E5786:106.0mm * 66.0mm * 15.9mm, 1.45inch TFT-LCD screen

Huawei E5787: 109.0mm * 58.0mm * 7.50mm, 2.4inch touch screen

Yes, the clear differentiator here is the addition of touch screen. Besides the display connection status information of E5786, E5787 enables users to do basic settings in the touch screen easily without logging on the WEBGUI.

Battery: Removable and Changeable

Huawei E5786: 3000mAh Li-Ion built-in battery, working time 10 hours

Huawei E5787: 3000mAh Li-Ion exchangeable battery, working time 12 hours

With the built-in battery Huawei E5786 MiFi, users cannot remove to change a new one, but the battery of E5787 MiFi is removable and changeable. Though the battery capacity of the two MiFi is 3000mAh, E5787 could keep working for 12 hours per the official sayings even with the touch screen. To make the E5787 work longer time, a new chipset is inserted to reduce the consumption of power and extend the working time.

Network Bands: Various

Huawei E5786s-32a: FDD 2600/2100/1800/900/850/800,TDD 2600Mhz

Huawei E5786s-62a: FDD 2100/1800/900/700 MHz

Huawei E5786s-63a: 2600/2100/1800/900/700, TDD 2300Mhz

Huawei E5787s-33a: FDD 800/850/900/1800/2100/2600MHz, TDD 2300/2500/2600MHz

As a popular mobile hotspot, Huawei E5786 has including E5786s-32a, E5786s-62a, E5786s-63a. They support different combination of LTE frequency bands for different network providers in areas. Here now the Huawei E5787 has only the sub-model E5787s-33a right now. However, it could support TDD 2500Mhz. There are would be more variants available in the near future.

Huawei E5787 VS Huawei E5786: Conclusion

The Huawei E5786 is still an excellent mobile Wi-Fi but the E5787 offers improved battery life, and touch screen for doing router settings. Using the same chipset, both of them do a good job in accessing the mobile internet. If you want to use mobile hotspot under TDD 2500mhz network, E5787 is the choice for you. And if you only want to buy one mobile hotspot, both of them are okay, the price is the deciding factor.

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