Huawei B715s-23C Appearance Overview

Huawei is always dedicated designing cutting-edge mobile broadband products. The newest LTE CPE Huawei B715s-23c router is a LTE CAT9 device in the shape of a traditional wireless router. At the front side there are the Huawei logo and few LED indicators for power, Wi-Fi, internet connection status and signal strength. At the back, 3 LAN ports and one LAN/WAN port with telephone port are listed at the below side.
Compare with the most popular Huawei B525s router, the B715s is a little bit smaller in dimensions. Look at the appearance of the B715 then you will get to know most of the features it owns.
Front Back Side
the front side and back side of b715s-23c
At the front side, there are 5 indicators:
a. Power indicator. It will light on after you press the power button of the B715 or insert the power adapter to the power plug.
b. Network status indicator.
c. Network indicator (Wi-Fi® / WPS).
There are 3 colors: blue-green, blue and yellow. The Y means that a connection was established with cellular network
d. Network indicator (LAN / WAN). There are 3 LAN ports and 1 LAN/WAN port.
e. Signal strength indicator. It will show the signal strength after you insert the SIM card, you will know it directly from the indicator to adjust the location of the B715 to its best place.
At the back side, there are some ports.
f. Power socket
g. LAN / WAN port Antenna connectors
h. external antenna slots (The label and antenna slots are covered by a whole cap, the label is just at the side of the external antenna connectors.)
i. USB socket. Telephone socket stationary
k. Reset button Power button
Top Bottom Side
top and bottom of huawei b715
At the top side, there are two buttons, the power button and the WPS button.
I, Power button. Power on or off the router easily by pressing the power button.
m, WPS button. Wi-Fi connection is easy to install by using Protected Wi-Fi Setup (WPS). Press and hold the WPS button for 2-5 seconds to set up 2.4 GHz WPS connection, or press and hold the WPS button for more than five seconds to set up 5 GHz WPS connection.
At the bottom side there is a SIM slot for inserting a Micro-SIM card. Do not insert or remove the micro-SIM card while the router is in use, because it may cause a deterioration of performance or damage to the micro-SIM card. When removing the micro-SIM card, it must be first press gently on the socket and then release the pressure.

As a LTE CAT 9 CPE router, this B715 4G LTE router will give you an amazing internet speed when you access the mobile network, there are many powerful features with it, please go to the product page to view more specification of the B715 at /

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