Huawei B618 LTE Antenna Recommendation

As the fastest 4G LTE mobile fixed router, Huawei B618 mobile wireless router is widely used all over the world. It is a LTE CAT12 router, of which’s download speed could achieve up to 600Mbps, twice of the hottest LTE CPE Huawei B525 router. However, not all of us could enjoy the maximum speed because it depends on many factors. As the following user asked at the Mybroadband forum.
Anyone know of suitable external antenna’s for a Huawei B618s-22d? I live in Helderkruin and signal is not the best using Rain Lte. I get 1 or no signal bar and maximum speed I have managed to get was 12Mbps. Looking at maybe adding external antenna’s to the router.
Yeah, the B618 router has the external antenna slots that are useful when we get the weak signal.

What Type of Huawei B618 External Antenna Connector?
Most of the people would ask the same question when they want to buy an external antenna for their mobile devices. All the questions are related to the connector type. Unlike the Huawei LTE Cube Huawei E5180, the connector type of the B618 is TS9 which means that the B618 router only accept TS9 connector antennae, no TS5, SMA , CRR9 or other types.

How to Choose External Antenna for B618?
There are so many LTE antennas online, which one is suitable for your Huawei B618? The most important factor is the frequencies supporting range by the router and the carrier. Huawei B618s-22d supports 4G LTE Band 1/3/7/8/20/38 (FDD 800/900/1800/2100/2600MHz & TDD 2600MHz) and the B618s-65d supports Band 1/3/5/7/8/28 (FDD 700/850/900/1800/2100/2600MHz & TDD 2300MHz). And you also have to know the frequencies your carrier adopts. For example, if your are a South Africa user who uses the Vodacom package, you should know its using Band are 900/1800/2100/5800Mhz. Then the antenna you choose should support the carrier’s frequencies. Not all of the antenna could cover all LTE bands.
Then other factors you may consider when choosing an external antenna would be the gain, mounting way, etc,.

Where to Buy Huawei B618 LTE Antenna?
Just searching online you will get a lot of online sites that have different types of antennae. At Store4G we provides indoor antenna and outdoor antenna. Then which one should you choose? Indoor or outdoor? If you only get 1 or no signal outside of your building, then you need install an outdoor LTE antenna. Or an indoor antenna if the signal is strong outside of your building but weak in your room.
As the B618 supports 2*2 MIMO, it is better to install a dual TS9 connector antenna or two single TS9 connector antenna. Here are the most popular antenna between our clients.

Huawei B618 4G router LTE outdoor external Antenna
Outdoor external antenna are usually installed outside of the building, they are in big size and water proofed.
Dual Connector Outdoor Antenna
indoor antenna
24Dbi 4G LTE Directional Outdoor Antenna:
* Frequency Range: 698-806MHZ/824-894mhz/ 925-960mhz/1710-1885MHZ/1920-1980MHZ/2110-2170MHZ/2500-2690MHZ
* Gain:24dbi
* Polarization Type: Vertical
* Radiation: Omni
* Dimensions: 9.85x 18.5x 1.2inches
* Weight: 2.58 Pound
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Single Connector Outdoor Antenna
4g outdoor antenna single connector
11dbi Log Periodic Outdoor 4G LTE Antenna:
Frequency Range (MHz): 698-960/1710-2700 mHz
Width: 262/990MHz
Half-powerbeam width(°): H:65/50 V:55/40
Gain: 11 dBi
Dimensions (mm): 445*210*65
Antenna weight(kg): 0.91
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Huawei B618 4G router LTE Indoor Moveable Antenna
Indoor external antenna are usually moveable for mounting anywhere, they are in smaller size and not water proofed.
Indoor external antenna – dual TS9 connector
4g outdoor antenna
35dbi dual TS9 antenna:
* 4G Frequency Range: 791-821MHz / 832-862MHz / 1710-1785MHz / 1805-1880MHz / 2500-2570MHz / 2620-2690MHz
* Gain: 35dBi
* Cable length: 2m
* Size: 22cm x 19cm x 2.1cm
* Weight: 136g
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If you have any other customized version of antenna, please comment here.

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