How to Turn off USB Tethering for the Nighthawk M1

USB tethering lets you connect to the Internet from supported computers with a USB cable and charge the mobile router battery at the same time. When USB tethering is activated on your Netgear Nighthawk M1 mobile device, the M1 continuously searches for a mobile internet connection and provides that connection for your laptop computer. This can be useful on many occasions, but when it’s not needed, the function can drain your battery.
 Deactivating the USB tethering will help your M1 hotspot last longer in many situations. If you only want to charge your mobile router M1 with your computer, please turn off the USB tethering by the following steps.

Turn Off USB Tethering From the NETGEAR Mobile App
1. Launch the NETGEAR Mobile app.
2. Swipe down.
3. Tap Settings. The Settings page displays.
4. Tap General. The General page displays.
5. Under ROUTER, tap Tethering to toggle between Charge only and Charge + tether.

Turn Off USB Tethering From a Web Browser
1. From a computer that is connected to your network, launch a web browser.
2. Enter http://m.home or
3. Enter the administrator login password (The password is case-sensitive).
4. Select SETTINGS > Setup > Router Setup.
5. In the Use USB port for section, select Charge only.
6. Click the Apply button.

After the settings are saved, the USB tethering is successfully turned off.

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