Huawei B715s FAQ & Trouble Shootings

As most of the users of B715 Huawei are not technical geek, you would encounter some different problems that you can’t find a solution. Here are some frequent asked questions and trouble shooting for you. It may give you some help when you are using your router.

Huawei B715s Frequently asked questions

– 1. How do you restore factory settings?
Restoring factory settings causes removing all modified settings. Doing this action when there is required, such as forgetting the password. You could do the factory settings via the Reset button or Web management page.
When the router is turned on, using an elongated object to hold down the Reset button for about 3 seconds until the indicator is on. Then the router will start to flash.
Also, you could enter the web management page to do the settings.

– 2. How to connect to the router using the function configuration of a secured Wi-Fi network (Wi-Fi Protected Setup, WPS)?

  1. Ensure that Wi-Fi network support is on the client device enabled.
  2. Hold the WPS button on the router pressed from two to five seconds to establish a connection to the 2.4 GHz network, or hold down more than five seconds to establish a connection to the 5 GHz network.

– 3. Why is the content of the management page out of date?
The content associated with the device on the management page may not be up-to-date due to browser cache. To solve this problem, manually empty the cache browsers (for example, select Internet Options>General> Browsing history> Delete (Internet Options > General >
Browsing history > Delete) and reopen the management page.

Huawei B715s Troubleshooting
– 1. Why is the indicator red after completing the router configuration?
– – 1. Make sure that the micro-SIM card works and has been inserted correctly.
– – 2. Move the router to an open and obstacle-free space and make sure it is covered by the cellular network coverage.
– – 3. If the problem persists, contact your supplier services of this network.

– 2. Why the indicator constantly shines in color cyan, blue or yellow, and indicator does it not shine at all?
The signal reception of the cellular network is weak. Move the router in place,in which the signal reception is better.

– 3. Why I cannot open the router management page in browser?
– – 1. Make sure that the computer is connected to the router with an Ethernet cable or using a Wi-Fi network.
– – 2. Make sure that the computer has been configured for automatic operation obtaining the IP address and address of the DNS server.
– – 3. Restart your browser or try a different browser.

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