4G LTE Yagi Antenna

  • LTE 698-2600MHz Log Periodic Antenna which can be installed for either vertical or horizontal polarization
  • 28dbi high gain directional external antenna
  • 4G/LTE frequency bands: 698~960MHz /1710~2690MHz



This 4G LTE wideband log periodic antenna offers exceptional performance on all major mobile internet carriers’ frequencies as well as 4G LTE, WCDMA, 4G, AWS frequencies and more. It is designed primarily for directional applications, point to Multipoint applications. It is ideally suited for 698~960MHz /1710~2690MH frequencies.
installed 4g yagi antenna front of yagi peroidic antenna
backside of yagi outdoor antenna
This LTE yagi antenna includes an integrated mounting plate with stainless steel U-Bolts for pole mounting. It can be installed easily. And it can be used for inside or outside usage.
Supported frequencies:
* 698-806MHZ/824-894mhz/ 925-960mhz/1710-1885MHZ/1920-1980MHZ/2110-2170MHZ/2500-2690MHZ
Gain: 28dBi
Cable length: 1.5m
Polarization Type: Vertical or horizontal
* Power Consumption: 50W
* Impedance: 50ohm
Dimensions: 56.5cm x 7.0cm x 4.0cm
* Weight: 290g
* Connector type: SMA/TS9/CRC9
* Connector Quantity: one
* Cable Type: RG58(best)100% cooper
Installed way: Please refer to this picture below:

install 4g yagi antenna

Dimensions: 23*5*5cm
vertical base size
Cable Type :RG174(best)100% cooper
Length: 3M
Connector Type: SMA
Install the Way: Adsorption and hanging
Weight of Antenna: 200g
Compatibility 4G devices:
Huawei B525, B593, Huawei B890, Huawei E5186, Huawei B315, B880, Huawei E5172, Huawei B683, Huawei B970B, Huawei B220 and Huawei B260A, Huawei E5786 and more.
Vodafone B1000, Vodafone B2000, Vodafone B3000, and Vodafone B4000