LTE Antenna for 4G CPE (1 Pair)

  • External  antenna for 4G LTE CPE
  • Increase signal strength for your Huawei B593, B890, B525…
  • Frequency Range: 790MHz~2690MHz
  • Antenna connector type: SMA
  • Antenna Gain: 0.5+/-1dBi



If the 4G mobile network signal is not strong, the transfer speed of 4G LTE CPE router may be slow. Then an external antenna could help improve signal and transfer speeds. This CPE antenne are original from Huawei, it would be a good partner for your B593, B525, B315, B890 and more CPE routers.

External Antenna Specifications

Frequency Range(MHz): 790MHz~2690MHz, specially for Huawei 4G CPE
Gain: 0.5+/-1dBi
Max Input power(W): 60
Input Impedance(Ω): 50
Polarization Type: Vertical
Antenna Length(mm): 170±1 mm
Connector Type: SMA male as default
Storage Temperature: -45’c to +75’c
Operating Temperature: -45’c to+75’c

huawei b593 lte antenna 2pcs